About Us

Mayo Ireland Ltd, promoting County Mayo and the West of Ireland since 1996

The Mayo Ireland website was launched on Valentine's Day 1996. It was great foresight which led Michael and Mary to create a website for County Mayo, where each area and community could showcase their amenities and attractions to the world and promote this place of undisputed natural beauty.

Passion for work and a deep bond with the county established the site as a doorway to a wealth of information on County Mayo. History, arts and culture, music, leisure activities, accommodation, local business and much more, became available to visitors from all over the world.

During its 18 years in existence, Mayo Ireland developed into one of the largest and most successful county sites in Ireland and is recognised worldwide as the definitive website for County Mayo, bringing an untold numbers of visitors and holidaymakers to the county.

The year 2014 marks an important event in its history, when Antonio and Cristina joined the company, fired with the same enthusiasm as Michael and Mary, bringing new energy to this long established and highly successful County Mayo website. Antonio and Cristina bring a new point of view to the company as they observe and describe Mayo's amenities with the sense of wonder and joy typical of holidaymakers in this beautiful county.

This is an exciting new development for Mayo Ireland and the union of these energies will reinforce and revamp our company's achievements. Our mission remains the same, promoting all aspects of this magical county in the west of Ireland with experience, competence and dynamism.

Our site is now your County Mayo site!